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(I'd be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had)

I decided yesterday that I was going to write to Helen, Idina, Martin and Kerry so I've got letters all written and stuff and some stamps to send those letters and for SAE's. But i couldn't find any sensibly sized envelopes!! I went to 2 post offices which were both shut yesterday, and one shop had TINY envelopes and the other had HUGE ones. So I'm off into town letter to get envelopes so I can mail my letters. Oh and pick up my physics revision book, but obviously the former is more important!

I'm also very tempted to write to the US National tour cast as a whole and tell them that they're awesome, and as for a play bill cause apparently they do that - thanks stonedregrets! But I wouldn't know what to saaaaay or how the hell I mail to the US AND include a SAE with enough postage for a playbill.... would they even reply to the UK!? But Sho and Megan are awesome!

I think I'll consider writing if I actually get any response from London! Cause that would rock so much!
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