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(It's not her, she's nothing to do with it! I'm the one you want! It's me!!)

I'm loosing the plot. I'm typing up biology notes and have just written,

"The death rate is the number of live deaths per time unit (e.g. 100 per year)"

Someone shoot me nowwww.... (or do my bio notes for me!)

Anyways... I have discovered I know next to nothing about maths, and can't remember ANYTHING to do with waves and optics from physics! The only subjects I'm pretty confident in are Chemistry and Modern Studies (and bit of Biology/Computing). I'm now scared abotu the prelims, this week has gone so fast and I only have one left! Arghhh!

On a brighter note, I LOVE Kerry Ellis as Elphaba! I have a -coughbootcough- of her and her Defying Gravity is AWESOME. She makes it seem so effortless!

I've also watched this week's NCIS and Veronica Mars and would to a wee episode summery but can't really be bothered!

-goes back to biology notes-
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