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single frames from one magic night forever flicker in close-up
(on the 3D imax of my mind)
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22nd-Sep-2006 06:37 pm(no subject)
Stolen from agatha2460

Please fill out for me!Collapse )
1st-Sep-2006 06:25 pm(no subject)
I've just done a friends cut. Just so you all know, I've not cut you cause I don't like you, it's cause I never speak to you/don't even know who you are!

If you feel you should be added/want to be readded/think i've deleted you in a mistake please comment to this post and I shall readd you!
19th-Aug-2006 03:04 pm - Fic: Just Open Your Eyes
Title: Just Open Your Eyes

Rating: PG-13

Length: 782 Words

Fandom/Pairing:NCIS, Kate/Gibbs

Author: Rach; eternal_dreams2

Warnings: Spoilers for 2x23 Twilight; Character Death

Author's Note: Nothing is mine, except the writing. Charaters are Bellisario's, lyrics are Snow Patrol's. Many thanks to Sammie binglexjells for the beta. Please please comment if you like/don't like it.

all this feels strange and untrueCollapse )
12th-Jul-2006 05:33 pm(no subject)
Title: Five Things That Never Happened to Gibbs and Kate;(i) Saviour

Rating: T (subject to change)

Length: 1094 Words

Fandom/Pairing:NCIS, Kate/Gibbs

Author: Rach; eternal_dreams2

Author's Note: None of the characters belong to me, I'm just borrowing. This fic is part one of a five part fic for 5_nevers This chapter contains spoilers for 2x23 Twilight and is an alternate ending for that. Many thanks to Sammie (binglexjells) for the beta. Please comment if you enjoy it, and even if you don't!

Just wish I had a crystal ball, show me if it's worth it allCollapse )
25th-Jun-2006 01:05 pm(no subject)
-happy sigh- Gemma's party was amazing. Things were a little hinky at the start, but after a while it was so good! We sat for hours by a fire in her garden, squashed into not enough chairs, attempting to play dares but nobody could think of any good ones! We were all frozen cause we'd had a water fight (Scott got me with the hose twice, Liam with a water pistol 4 times and Bob with a cup 6 times. I was dripping!) so we were all wrapped in blankets. There was only one seat left, and me and Alex didn't have one, so he had the idea that I sat on his knee. I just though that I'd kinda perch there, while he sat back, but he first had his arm around my shoulder, then pulled me into a hug with his arms around my waist. It was so warm and comfy and just nice ♥ Apparently we looked like a couple, but we're not. Unfortunately!

We all went to bed about 4, the guys in a tent in the garden (held down with paint brushes cause i forgot the pegs!) and the girls in the house, after a gossip session in the girls part of course! The next morning (today) we woke up at 6 (!!!!!!!!!!) and attempted to watch a DVD, but the player fucked up, so we sat and talked, watching the music channel while Ryan and Andrew played guitar. Eventually we migrated outside and sat on the trampoline!

The best part was when me, gemma, jonny, jo, cat, andrew, scott and eililh were on the trampoline, and andrew was making up random songs! Him and Scott came up with the trampoline song! It was hilaaaarious!

I love my friends ♥

I am SO tiiiired though
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